General Alterations & Repair

Almost any garment can be altered to fit well and clothes that fit well make you look better and can even make you look 10 – 20 pounds lighter!  Next time you’re getting ready to dress for “success”, take a few minutes to look in a full length mirror.  I know, that can be painful for some of us, but it will be worth it!  If you saw that person in an elevator, what would your first impression be?  First impressions are very important!  Other people do notice how you’re dressed and if they see that your clothes are too tight, too long, too big, etc., etc. that’s the image of you that they’ll carry.  Alterations can seem expensive, but you’ll save in the long run by having clothing that you can feel confident in and that can eliminate many shopping dollars and hours trying to find something else that makes you look that well.  You’ll love the results of having something made to fit you and it’s well worth making a place for it in your budget!